Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Philly Summer Day

[Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me about my dad - through comments, social media, e-mail, phone or text.  It felt really, really nice to get that avalanche of love.]

Today we had the perfect Philly summer day (assuming you ignore the City Council letting down the children of Philadelphia by standing by as the public education system is gutted - but that's another post for another day - back to our perfect day).  

We started out the day at home with a hearty breakfast while I packed us up for the day.  The kids could tell we were in for an adventure because it wasn't the usual diaper/water/snack bag.  As they watched me pack a full lunch and breakout the swim suits they knew I meant business.

After breakfast we took a train into Center City - where we admired some of the subway art.

Then we walked over to Sister Cities park where The Academy Of Natural Sciences introduced us to blue tongued skink.  

Zoe was napping at this point so I changed Leo into his swim trunks, slathered him in sunscreen and watched him play in the sprayground area of the park.  He would run towards the sprays - just barely touch them and then run screaming gleefully back to me.  Over and over and over.

When Zoe woke up we sat down in the grass for a snack and I changed her into her suit and gave her a generous layer of sunblock.  Then I let them loose in the wading pond.  They both had a freaking blast and I think they would have stayed in there until nightfall if I let them.

I finally convinced them to get out and dry off with the promise of lunch.  Do you remember that feeling after being in the pool for several hours as a kid?  When you suddenly realize how cold and hungry you are and warm, dry clothes and sunshine feel amazing and any food that is put in front of you tastes like heaven?  Yeah, they totally had that.

So then once they had played hard in the water and the sun and they had full bellies my plan was to walk through town with them until they fell asleep - then I would install myself in a coffee shop and relax for a bit.  I mean they were happy and exhausted - of course they would nap.  Well, they didn't.

I finally gave up on the nap when it was time to meet jb for a school funding rally.  The kids love a protest and were tickled to each have their own sign.  The whole school situation is so scary here - I really don't know what we are going to do when our kids are ready to start kindergarten.

After the rally we finished up the day with yet another picnic.

At the end of the day both Leo and Zoe fell asleep in car on the ride home.  Neither one of them even stirred as we transferred them to their beds and we changed them into pjs.  I think they both had a great day and I hope they look back on their childhood with many memories of fun and sun and engagement and love.

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  1. laruen6/28/2013

    Sounds like the perfect summer day. I am also a Philly girl, born and raised! I can't wait to get out the sunscreen for kids and have a great outdoor adventure with the kids. Maybe we will go to the zoo this weekend, thanks for sharing!