Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quarantine Restlessness

Not sleeping, just pathetic
We've been battling the stomach flu in our house.  It hasn't been pretty.  It hit Zoe first and hardest.  She threw up, what seemed like, constantly for 24 hrs. We couldn't wash towels and blankets fast enough.  Thankfully the vomitting subsided after one day/night - but whoa. I've never seen anyone throw up that much, poor thing. After the initial 24 hr period she was much better, still a bit sleepy and battling diarrhea, but smiley and eating/drinking again.

With Zoe well on the road to recovery, Leo got hit with it.  He had the pukes, too, but not as frequently and they didn't catch him quite as off guard which meant most of the vomit happened the bathroom (oh, how grateful I am for this).  Of course, he was scared and sad to be sick and in the middle of the night as he was falling asleep on the edge of the bathtub he said pathetically, "why is this happening? I don't deserve this."  Oh, my heart. 

Rough Night

I'm thankful the days each kid spent throwing up didn't overlap because I think a kid that is throwing up deserves a parent's full attention.  Still, it's been a loooong week.  It was pitiful and hard for a couple days - then it was better, but still clearly sick. And now, I think we are in the clear, but I wanted to give it an extra day just to make sure we aren't sharing this awful virus. All this has meant A LOT of time at home. We are all ready to get back out into the world. Here's how we've passed the time.

Catching up on sleep. And practicing our table manners.

Look Ma!  No elbows on the table!

A bit of yoga. 



Double Downward Dog


Skyscraper and crane

And crafts. Oh the crafts. ALL of the crafts. 

Q-tip Skeleton
Ghost Feet
Autumn Lantern

Most had a fall/Halloween theme (thank heavens for Pintrest) but Leo did ask of we could make a pink train. With real wheels that can spin. So we did. And he named it Ashley.

Hard at work

Ashley the pink train

Thankfully I think we should be out and about again tomorrow - just in time the Halloween parade!


  1. addie métivier11/01/2013

    glad you are recuperating! we haven't had to deal with puking yet. knock on wood!

    i think you might have mentioned this before, but do you teach them the yoga yourself, or do you have a toddler yoga video? i want to do some with z, but i don't know enough yoga myself.

  2. I started by trying to do my own practice with them - and they liked it so much that I did start putting on some youtube videos of kid yoga for them. They love it, and sometimes I do it along with them. I'm always amazed at how good it makes us all feel. (Still wouldn't mind taking a class or two on my own, of course...)