Saturday, November 2, 2013

Holiday Jumpstart: Review

(Disclaimer: provided me with site credit to review their holiday card options.  All opinions are my own.)

Last Year was the first year I managed to send holiday cards.  Of course, the holiday I sent them for wasn't Christmas, or even New Year's...I didn't get my act together until Valentine's Day.  And even then, my cards were pharmacy prints of a phone camera shot that I took of the kids in my bedroom.  Truth be told, I was still pretty pleased with how they turned out (lollipop/shower curtain rod optical illusion for the win!) but I am hoping to take it to the next level for this year.

Last Year's DIY Card
So now, in early November I'm taking steps to get my act together.  I've started by checking out my options over at Minted.  I'm going to book a photo session and start thinking about what we should all wear (promise to jb: I will do my best not to stress about the clothes for this picture).  And most importantly, I will get updated addresses for our loved ones - and record them in an actual address book.  That's what grown-ups do, right?

Ooooooh.  Aaaaaaaah.  Shiny.

I'm excited about the options that Minted has rolled out this year.  They have some shiny Foil-Pressed options that are classy and festive and a Minibook card option that boasts seven pages of photos and text.  My favorites are the new Ornament cards that come complete with ribbon so recipients can hang them right on the tree.  Cute, no?

Love This - so practical

I appreciate that there are some affordable options (check out the "Smart & Chic" section) and that there are options for New Year's and "Holiday" greetings for those that may not celebrate Christmas.  There are plenty of design options ranging from traditional to modern, which is nice because there is something to compliment any type of picture you'd like to build your card around.

Now I just have to choose the outfits for the picture!  Does your family send out cards?  When do you start setting the wheels in motion for this project?


  1. Carolyn Chernoff11/05/2013

    I have 2 years' worth of New Year cards with Ravy on 'em. I have not sent them. Will I try again this year? Probably. Will I send any? Wait and see...

    PS: We loooooved the Valentine's card from Leo and Zoe last year. Sweetest ever.

  2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.