Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: Year In Review

It's been a big year.  Mostly good.  Here's the yearly rundown:
  • jb and I celebrated a dozen years together.
  • Two of the families we are closest with moved away.  It's even harder to say goodbye to friends when your children are also friends.
  • The whole family traveled to Atlanta so that I could attend and speak at Salon LGBTQ.
  • I started going to dinner regularly with a group of friends who are writers (and awesome) and it has been so good for me - not to mention a blast.
  • Aunt Erin visited (twice!)
  • Our family had our first tent camping adventure.  The tent leaked on the second night, sending us scrambling home in the dark - but that means I got a new fancy tent for Christmas ;)
  • The family and I went to Atlantic City, New Jersey as part of a social media effort to draw attention to the rebuilding post-Hurricane Sandy.
  • My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and began treatments.
  • Zoe took her first steps.
  • Zoe turned one, Leo turned three and we celebrated with an awesome double birthday party.
  • Leo saw his first live musical, The Lion King.
  • Ages two and half  through three and a half have presented some challenging times and I was still getting my sea-legs as a mother of two throughout the year, but I can feel things stabilizing a bit. 
  • We almost moved.  But didn't.  Despite this being kind of a non-item since it didn't end up happening it was a big part of our mind space this year.
  • Leo and Zoe got bunk beds and started going to sleep in their own rooms (thought they are both magically in our bed in the morning.
  • Leo took a gymnastics class - his first non-parent-participation class and rocked it.
  • We spent a full month in Pittsburgh with my parents and siblings. 

I don't know what to expect of the coming year.  I have many hopes for it and expect some difficult times.  I'm asking for grace and peace to walk through as best I can.

Years past: 20072008200920102011 and 2012.

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