Friday, January 31, 2014

My January List

 This year crept up on me.  January began in a whirlwind of holidays, travel and unpredictable weather.  It was a great start to the year - but I didn't have a lot of time for reflection.  I do like to start out the year with a purposeful look backward and hopeful look forward.  This year is a little trickier.  I know there will be hard times.  I know I'm often going to be wishing I could be in two places at once.  Still, I think there is room for forward movement.  There is room for joy.  For love.  So, now that I've had a moment to catch my breath and welcome this complicated year that will likely bear unforeseen emotion and growth - I'd like to put my own goals out there into the Universe.  Perhaps one day soon I'll be glad I can refer back to remind myself of my purpose when I feel like I'm flailing.  There are still a few hours left of January, so I'm still in under the wire, right?

  1. Move more.  When I am physically active everything improves.  From my mood, to my health, to my sleep, to my confidence.  We joined the YMCA today, now the hard part is getting there regularly.  
  2. Drink more wine.  I forgot how nice it is to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day.  I did it a few times with my mom when I was in Pittsburgh and it was positively lovely.  
  3. Be the best daughter/sister/partner/mom I know how to be.  I have an incredible family and we are going to need each other more than ever.  I also hope to be gentle with myself and others when we fall short of our best selves.
  4. Go out on more dates.  jb and I are determined to make time for one out-of-the-house date per month.  We already had one in January and I can't wait for it to feel normal to be out alone together.  Now that the first year of having two kids is behind us, it's time to get serious about making time for our relationship.  I also want to go out with friends more often - maybe that wine resolution will tie in.  
  5. Have more sex.  Going out to dinner is nice and all, but nothing helps me feel connected to my partner more quickly than a roll in the hay.  Add in the stress relief and ease of sleep that follows and I don't know how we ever let this healthy habit decline.  (Oh, right, kids.)
  6. Remember the easy ways I can keep myself healthy and happy.  Drink more water.  Eat more greens.  Take the extra few minutes to moisturize after my (hopefully more frequent) showers.  Make enough green smoothie in the morning so I'm not just drinking the kids' leftover sips.  Go to bed by midnight.  Walk.  Be outside.
  7. Practice grace.  I think all the above goals will help me exist on a more even keeled plane - which is my ultimate goal.  I don't want to lose my temper so often.  I don't want to yell or roll my eyes or sigh sharply.  I want to react from a place of love.  I want to grow my patience.  I want to show kindness.  I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin and be proud of who I am and how I behave.  I know this is a tall order, but it's my overarching goal.
Have you set any goals or hopes for the year?  How's it going so far?  


  1. My goals are to be more open and friendly with my responses to other people even if I'm feeling lousy. I don't want my nasty or dull reaction to be a confusing cue for action or recoil. I want more time filled with honest joy.

  2. I think your goals sound so positively lovely. I need to adopt them for myself. Thank you for the little drop of inspiration on a sleepy Saturday night! I always love visiting you. Love, Becky from Life with Kaishon

  3. Thanks, Becky. It always makes me smile to see your comments. I appreciate you checking in :)

  4. I love that. I hope to share lots of honest joy with you. :)