Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toddler Style

Much like Leo and his signature look of button down shirts and sweatpants, Zoe is beginning to assert her own style.  She's all about the accessories, this one.   Whether it's a "purse" or headband, she's always looking for just the right accent for every outfit, and she's not afraid to think outside the box.

Current favorite accessories are:
  • Winter hats (indoors)
  • One glove (Michael Jackson-esque)
  • Goggles (yes, swimming goggles)
  • Pacifier (she's never really used a pacifier before this past month - she found one in a box and loved it.  I truly think it's an accessory)

I'm not one to interfere with personal expression, but there are times when one glove and/or goggles aren't practical, but she will cry and yell if I try to remove them.  Mom?!?! Can't you see how carefully curated this outfit is?!?  Take one element away and the whole thing stops working.

I have no room to claim fashion expertise - so I'll just let her make decisions as far as aesthetics.  Sadly, this does not mean she can wear her owl jumper (hooo, hooo! mama! hooo! hooo!) five days in a row nor that she can forgo a coat - but I'm not gonna lie, she's been the grocery store more than once sporting goggles and one glove.   

1 comment:

  1. The goggles are the best! We end up with multiple, carefully placed ponytails, and/or a frog hat everywhere we go.