Wednesday, March 12, 2014

State Of The Youngins: March 2014

Leo is fast approaching 4 years old - only two months until his May birthday.  The very next month Zoe will be turning two.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's going by so quickly.  Except the hours of 4-6 on weekdays...that lasts an eternity.

Morning Daze
Leo and Zoe are closer than ever - and yet, clearly setting boundaries with each other.  Zoe is really protesting unwanted hugs and screaming whenever Leo grabs something out of her hand.  If he asks nicely, she will almost always hand whatever it is over.  Leo really wants work on "big kid" projects (like building blocks) without Zoe touching - or even looking at - what he's working on.  Still, overall, they get along great and have so much fun together.  I love watching them play.  It's everything I hoped having a sibling would be for them.

Swinging Beauties


Watching Doc McStuffins

Monkey See Monkey Do

  • Haircut - Leo asked to cut his hair short ("like dad") after a while of having what can only be described as a bowl cut.  I think I prefer it short - but my mom prefers it long.  Luckily, he's adorable both ways.
  • Soccer - Leo finished up his soccer season with Soccer Shots (Zoe was at every practice cheering him on) and has picked up some new skills that he can't wait to show off this summer.  
  • Tantrums - The tantrums have become fewer and further in between - but they still rear their ugly head.  Now that we are in Pittsburgh there has been an uptick in frequency, but are easier to come back from compared to past visits.
  • Calendar/Chart/Map - In addition to his teamwork chart we've put up a calendar and map which has been really helpful in navigating context for time vs. space.  We've also added a couple new categories to his chart.  The first is keeping in touch with family (as in writing letter/card or talking on the phone/skype) and meeting new people (as in making eye contact and saying hello).
  • Independent - Mornings are a dream.  He wakes up, goes to the potty on his own, and will sit to flip through a book until Zoe and I are ready to head into the kitchen for breakfast.  LOVE THIS.  He can and will go to the bathroom on his own during the day.  Serve himself water.  I think we may need to assign a low cabinet to hold kid cups, bowls, and snacks so he can keep up this self-sufficiency. 
  • Super Heroes - He is obsessed with super heroes.  I don't love it because of all he fighting - even with villains, but I'm trying to give him the latitude to explore this new interest.  We've gotten several books from the library, watched the Incredibles, and play super hero mission games.  A lot.  
    Walking alongside the stroller
    Kid cappuccino mustache

    Blocks.  So many blocks.

    Morning "Sundae"

    Independent reading 

    Enjoying breakfast

    Snow Day


    • Words! -  Zoe is beginning to amass some vocabulary.  Many words are still unintelligible to most people, but they are becoming more consistent and varied.  My favorites: Lelo (Leo, and I hear this word a zillion times a day exclaimed in a wide variety of emotions), Dodo (Zoe - maybe Zozo), Switcheroo (I can't type the way she says it, but this is what she says when she wants to switch sides while nursing), Peeeeeeeeessssss (please)
    • Communicative - Even with limited language, Zoe is so so so communicative.  She has signs, expressions, sounds, and movements that convey anything she wants to say.  Her memory is incredible - I am consistently shocked how I will mention something that happened months ago and she will make it clear she recalls what I'm talking about.  One of my favorite faces she makes is her "afraid" face.  She doesn't usually make it when she's actually afraid, just when she wants you to know that she WAS afraid or that something is scary.
    • No Longer Agreeable - The days of "yeah, yeah, yeah" are over.  Now it's all no all the time - even if you ask something with a clear yes answer - like "Do you want a cookie?"  She will respond, "no, no,"
    • Sensitive - She can be completely unfazed by a raised voice sometimes, and will break out in tears over a stern-ish "no" other times.  She will also cry if I refuse a request to put on the "Let It Go" video.
    • Singing - Speaking of Let It Go, the kid loves to sing.  Rivers and Roads is her second favorite song.
    • She calls clementimes "WooHoo."  I think this is because she cheered woohoo when got them for Christmas, so now that's how she refers to them.
    • Fear - She doesn't like hearing noises approaching.  She is terrified of people entering house, or even a family member walking down the hall sometimes.  She will run over to me making her scared noises and practically climb up my leg until I pick her up.  
    • Thank yous - She is giving lots of spontaneous thank yous.  For snacks, help with shoes, just about anything.  The ones that really melt me are the ones she offers for nursing and diaper changes.  
    • Night Owl - She has made a habit of waking up about an hour after bedtime to join jb and I on the couch to watch our show and eat snack.  Actually, She hasn't done it at all this week - perhaps it was a growth spurt or something?  It was equal parts adorable and frustrating.
    • Smile - her (on command) smile is starting to look more and more like an actual smile.  Now it's more of a look of surprise with closed eyes.  

    Her best Albert Einstein impersonation


    Carousel At Please Touch

    Walking the dog

    Staying up late

    New smile

    There's more...and I was hoping to make a video with all of Zoe's best words and tricks...but if I don't schedule this post now, I know it won't see the light of day until all these updates are obsolete.  Like I said, it goes by quick.

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