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Mexico 2014: Cuernavaca

Cuernavca, Morelos, the city where my family's home is, is also known as the city of eternal springtime.  Thanks to wonderful weather and vibrant flora it does feel like a slice of paradise.  Here are some shots from this gorgeous city we consider our second home.

Around Town

One of our favorite places to visit is Jardin Borda.  Formerly a private residence and it's grounds, it is now a museum and park.  The garden is beautiful, complete with a small lake with boats, and often hosts events and festivals.  On Sundays entry is free.
Jardin Borda

Jardin Borda Lake

Near Jardin Borda is the Cathedral.

Cathedral Cuernavaca
On the same block is La Casona Spencer, another antique mansion that has now been converted into a museum.
Casona Spencer: Leo with original Spencer art

Most everywhere seems to have a fountain, along with the indoor/outdoor fluidity that I so love.

Many restaurants have a play area and I found myself wishing that more restaurants in the US offered this.  It seems to be limited to fast food joints here and I really found myself enjoying decent food with a convenience of entertained children.  

Mostly we just liked to walk around town.  Check out the wares of the vendors, order a fresh juice, maybe eat an elote and just hang out in the town square or Zocalo.

The kids quickly learned which family members couldn't resist buying them a balloon or toy.

On Thursdays there is live music at the Gazebo in the Zocalo.  The Gazebo is well over 100 years old and the bottom houses the fresh juice stands while on the upper level there is an open stage where musicians play while people (mostly senior citizens) dance in the square below.

Cutting a Rug
The other great joy I have is finding a cafe with good people watching and wifi.  I'll buy the kids a bag of shell-on peanuts and that will keep them busy long enough for me to check my e-mail and send jb a quick love note.

Friends' Homes

When not at home or out on the town our friends were kind enough to have us over. I love that the kids got to see a variety of homes from the area and I also loved getting to spend time with friends in a laid back environment.  The kids loved that many of our friends have pools and served delicious food.  

Kids swim while adults chat on the terrace

breathtaking views

Leo tests out a jungle gym

Yes, that's a trampoline. No I did not let my kids
bounce that close to a cliff.

This particular party was divided with the older guests on the terrace (notice all the vines) and the younger kids out by the pool.  I was in-between - IN the actual pool with the kids most of the time.

Zoe cuddles our neighbor's dog

Love this kitchen

This home is across the street from ours.  It was owned my my grandmother's best friend.  Now that my grandmother and her friend are both gone, this home and our home are owned by my mother's oldest childhood friend and my mother respectively.  I played and swam here often as I was growing up, and now my kids are carrying on that tradition.

These two won Leo and Zoe over quickly and effectively by giving them as many cookies as they wanted before dinner.

Leo and Zoe spend a lot of time in the pool.

They would only emerge from the water to eat.

And of course to warm up.

Laying on the hot concrete to warm up is the same trick we used when our parents threatened to pull us out of the pool because our lips were blue.  Of course, we also jumped off this wall into the pool - thankfully Leo and Zoe haven't figured that one out yet.

We all took a swim for old time's sake.  

It was wild to all be back in that pool - and so neat to see my own kids making it their own.

The Scenery

Even when we were just on the bus or in the car the sights of Cuernavaca (and the surrounding area) reminded us how lucky we are.  

And that's what our little slice of paradise looks like.

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  1. Katrina Saiz8/12/2014

    Lovely pictures! I arrived to Cuernavaca a year ago and I am so in love with the city! Thanks for sharing this and letting others know a little bit about the city of Eternal Spring :)