Sunday, November 2, 2014

We had a SUPER Halloween

Leo has been emphatic that he wants to be Superman for Halloween all year - seriously, since last Halloween when he had some costume envy. I asked him intermittently throughout the year - and his answer was always the same. He has a deep and abiding love of all things superheroes, and Superman is the ultimate superhero in his opinion. Zoe, on the other hand, has a deep and abiding love of all things if Leo was going to be a superhero, she most certainly would be, too. I did a little due diligence by reminding her that she could be anything she wanted - for example, a bumblebee, a carrot.... Elsa .... a firefighter, or anything at all. Afterall, I didn't want a repeat of Leo's costume remorse last year...but she didn't budge. So it was settled, Leo would be Superman, and Zoe chose Batman. With both kids dressing as superheroes, there really wasn't any other choice but a family costume theme.  While jb seemed grateful that her costume hid her face, she was a great sport about joining in the fun.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween there was a lot of costume chat among kids on the playground and inevitably, there would be a kid who would tell Zoe that she couldn't be Batman or tell her that she must mean "Batgirl" and Zoe would tell that poor child what was what. She was unwavering in her insistence that she was Batman - and wouldn't answer to any other name when in costume. 

Both kids were just so, so, so, so excited when Halloween rolled least they were once I reminded them that it involved trick or treating (and that Election Day is just around the corner).

Here they are ready to pound the pavement:

We participated in the neighborhood parade and stopped at a few (ridiculously crowded) houses along the way to trick or treat. The parade route is not the smartest strategy if your goal is to maximize candy collecting, but it's so nice to see our neighbors and check out all the cool costumes.

Some houses really get into it! Unfortunately Zoe was terrified by this awesome Kang costume.

Once the parade was over we trick or treated our way home - the kids needed several rests and candy breaks along the way.

Both superheroes required being carried at some point.

Leo was just so proud of his costume. I thought about DIYing his costume or trying to piece together some of his gazillion superman pjs/shirts/sweatshirts into a makeshift costume - but I know he really envisioned the store-bought costume and I am glad we went ahead an got it.

Here are the superheroes winding down and heading home.

But not before stopping to strike a super pose.

Happy Halloween!


  1. You all look awesome! Having a family theme is super cute :-)

  2. Rebekah12/01/2014

    What a great post and awesome costumes! We miss you guys!!