Monday, April 6, 2015

New Beginnings

I love springtime.  The sun shines and flowers bloom and the world is bursting with promise and possibilities. It's especially nice after a long, cold, hard, sad winter. We went to Pittsburgh for Easter and it was the first time I've been home since my father passed. It was strange to arrive at my childhood home without him to receive us and I had several waves of grief,  but things began to feel more normal after a few days. That is of course until it was time for us to leave, because my dad always liked to try to talk us into staying a few more hours/days/weeks as we were packing up.

Still, despite his absence, we had a wonderful visit and a delightful Easter.  We dyed eggs, made bunny crafts, and donned our spring colors. We ate quiche, potato salad, kielbasa, and chocolate. We hunted for plastic eggs, and we spent time with friends and family.

Also? My true love, whom I have shared my life with for fourteen years, asked me to wed. It was sweet and lovely, just like my love and I naturally said yes. 

Life goes on, and it is still beautiful, even after loss. I wish my dad could be here...I wish he could walk me down the aisle. I know he'd be happy. I am happy. And I'm looking toward the future with an open heart.

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