Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sweaty Season

It is hot out. Really, really, uncomfortably hot. And I'm not sure what exactly it is about our home that traps the heat - but we have been sweaty and cranky over the last few days. Today we went to the Maxi-Saver cinemas to see Ocean's Thirteen and enjoy the AC. Thunderstorms should bring us a break.

We've recently discovered that we can see the fireworks from the stadiums from our bedroom window, so on Pirates game nights when I start to hear the explosions I run upstairs to watch. The Northside keeps giving us reasons to love it. I can also see the big analog clock on Mt. Washington from my window which isn't quite as exciting, but has come in handy more than once.

I'm going to DC for work on Monday - which I'm both dreading and looking forward to. I always dread business trips - no matter how many I go on, but I am excited to see people I haven't seen since we moved - and maybe even squeeze in some calamari at Raku. Also, JB Jr. starts school on Monday, and I'm disappointed I'll be gone when he gets home. Hopefully JB will fill me in on all the first day of school gossip.

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  1. its nice and warm over hear but at night ice age three starts. Beacuse its hard to stay in the covers for me for some reson.