Sunday, September 2, 2007

You Never Close Your Eyes...

DC highlights:
  • Arrived Monday - Gonzales resigns
  • Enjoyed dinner with ACLU former co-workers
  • Tsoghig and Chris were my gracious hosts the first two nights
  • Work: strategic planning (which led to personal life strategic planning)
  • Raku with Kalina - Martinis, champagne, giggling, gossip
  • Stayed with Adam and Eric on the last night
  • Patio weather inspired happy hour at Fox and Hound
  • Later in the evening - Stetson's (where the Bush twins were first arrested for underage drinking) for A LOT of 25 cent chicken wings and a serenade of "you've lost that loving feeling"
  • I got blisters because apparently I'm no longer used to walking everywhere
It was possibly the best work trip I've ever had. Everything just kind of came together and it was as though I'd never been gone. Both of the friends that I stayed with were right in Dupont so I walked to and from work everyday - which in spite of the blisters was really lovely. The weather was perfect and all three dinners were enjoyed on patios. It was the last week of recess, so despite the Senator Craig foolishness and Alberto resignation, everyone was relaxed and able to get out of work at a reasonable hour. It was so perfect that it made me miss JB even more than usual.

Since I've been back we've been hella productive. We registered the car, painted the bookshelf, listed all the crap we're trying to sell on craigslist, grocery shopped, and visited the Greek food festival down the street. I also tried to find a solution to our out of control pet hair problem by vacuuming Talula.

She wasn't thrilled about it, but humored me. Of course as soon as I finished, she jumed down, shook herself off, and released more dog hair into the air. Brushing doesn't help, vigorous petting doesn't help, and now we know vacuuming doesn't help. I'm at my wits end with the damn dog hair. We just ordered a new vacuum that I've convinced myself will solve all our problems - it's supposed to rival the dyson at about half the cost. This one is not for use directly on the dog - but rather to control the hair that has already been shed. Not quite as amusing, but hopefully effective.


  1. Stephanie9/02/2007

    have you ever thought of just shaving toolie? id love to see that. i'm sure she wouldnt mind...

  2. You got blisters in DC!?! Oh, my lord, so did I the last time I was there. My poor heels are STILL healing.