Saturday, September 15, 2007

Aubergine Love

Every time I entertain getting eggplant JB and I have the same conversation:
Me: I think I'll get some eggplant
JB: How many are you going to get?
Me: I don't know, one or two...
JB raises one eyebrow
Me: You're right. Just one.
JB walks away
I walk to stand/cart/register carrying two eggplants
Me: I was thinking, and I'm going to get two
JB: Ok....
Then, we return home and one eggplant is more than enough and we have to eat eggplant two days in a row.

Now this story would be embarassing, except that JB has an eggplant story to top it. Once upon a time, many years ago, when JB and I were first officially living together and JB was a novice in the kitchen...she thought she'd make dinner for us and chose a type of vegetable burrito dish. Now, JB has come a long way since then, but at this time, JB was the type of cook who would select a recipe, take it to the supermarket and use it as a grocery list. No room for improvisation or substitution - it was adorable.

Well, this recipe called for several different kinds of vegetables and was written like this:
5 cups of gr. pepper (approx. 5 gr. peppers)
5 cups of yellow squash (approx. 5 squashes)
5 cups of eggplant

Well, JB did what she thought was the logical thing...and bought 5 eggplants. I kid you not. We must have been eating eggplant for three weeks.

Well, anyway, today we went to the northside farmers' market and, as you may have guessed, I bought two eggplants. We had one for dinner tonight and still have one left in the fridge. I made oven-fried eggplant - which is an old tried and true recipe in our household.

The farmers' market was great. The squashes and apples are coming in and it really feels like fall. We also got a great bouquet of sunflowers that are currently in our window. I love having fresh flowers in the house, it feels so special.


  1. Anonymous9/15/2007

    i always thought that u guys could eat a lot of egg plant. u guys should chose a really hard receipy and u both go to the store and both make it on one of your days off it should be an long afternoon like the spaguetti.

  2. just for the record, i'm still working on that second eggplant.