Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thanks, Charlie!

Last night we went to a lecture about slow food at the Carnegie Library in Oakland - which means that we finally got around to getting library cards. Now, I have a deep appreciation of libraries, literature, and making knowledge readily available...but JB's feelings about libraries (and library cards in particular) are out of control. She was excited and impatient all day and was positively giddy as she finally filled out the paperwork.

I've recently found out that Charlie (my elliptical) displays "Good Workout!" on his little LED screen after you complete your time on certain settings. I love it. I don't know why it makes me so happy, but it really does. I usually use a different setting, but have been experimenting with new ones because I hate having to keep my hands on the heart rate sensors the whole time and on the setting I used to use, he would stop the time if I took my hands off the sensors. The new setting not only congratulates me on my workout every time, but also lets me use the moving handles. What a find.

Only in the last few days has it been cool enough to even consider working out. The nights are even starting to get a little brisk. This is great news, because there's nothing I like more than JB in shorts and a sweater.

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  1. Anonymous9/13/2007

    thats cool im glad it worked out