Thursday, September 6, 2007

Book Nook

The latest addition to our bedroom is a reading corner. It all started when my sister Stephanie brought me the most beautiful tapestry you ever did see back from Thailand. You know when you get a present that is so gorgeous that you can't think of anywhere that would be nice enough to put it? Luckily, it just so happened to match the color scheme in our bedroom (which also happens to be the only nice room in our home).

So even though we don't have much wall space to choose from (since our room is in the attic and has dramatically vaulted ceilings) we agonized over where to hang it. We chose a corner of our room and added a $10 garage sale chair that we purchased earlier this summer (which got a good vacuuming from our brand new vacuum!) and painted an old bookcase (that we've had since the last time we lived in Pittsburgh) to match the room. Throw in a lamp and an a large plant (which breaks up the space to keep the tapestry from competing with the pattern of the curtains) and you've got a fabulous reading corner.

I'm especially proud that my Pachira (braided money tree) is doing so well. These plants are notoriously difficult to care for and ours seems to not only be surviving, but thriving. There are new shoots growing from the top of the plant and it has been through all the traumatic changes that tend to harm them (repotting, moving location in the house, pruning). I went through a rough patch with house plants...there were no survivors...but since moving to Pittsburgh I've had great luck with a variety of plants. Just call me Green-thumb McGee.

The bedroom is nearly complete. We are saving up to buy some new furniture (a chest of drawers and two night stands) and another pair of curtains to cover the closet doors. It has been so nice to see it all come together...if only there weren't four rooms left to go. I'll post pictures of the entire room when it's complete.


  1. Anonymous9/07/2007

    thats good organizational skills

  2. Anonymous9/07/2007

    your money tree doesn't look as good as my tree

  3. I like your closet and your reading corner very much!
    We are finally kinda getting the house in Jiquilpan in order. We miss you sssssoooooooo much, hopefully you'll come to visit soon!!.Love, mom.

  4. did i see you reading in the book nook last night?