Monday, September 24, 2007

On the Road Again

I'm on a layover in Las Vegas for my trip to San Diego. The airport is packed with slot machines and my layover is just long enough for me to gamble away my per diem. I'm tired and I miss JB already, but I suppose things could be worse. The CBTL was closing when I arrived at the airport, but they stayed open to make me a drink even though they had just turned someone away (I guess I just looked THAT tired) and since they were closing, they even threw in a free cookie. Work is slightly overwhelming, but it needn't be, I'm just letting little things get to me. I don't have any meetings in the morning so I'll have the first half of the day to myself (and with the time difference it's possible that I won't just sleep it away).

On Friday we went to see Rik in "Ah, Wilderness!" which was delightful and went out for drinks afterwards. On Saturday we went to a friends birthday party and on Sunday we shared a game of scrabble at the Quiet Storm. JB and I are infamous for our long goodbyes whenever either of us have to go away and this time was no different. It may have been the best/worst good-bye yet.

I'll be gone for a full week (mon-mon) which is longer than I like my trips to be. Still, hopefully I'll be busy enough that it will go by quick.

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