Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sugar Skull

I walked all the way back to my hotel downtown from Hillcrest this afternoon. I walked along Park through Balboa Park. I walked by the Natural History Museum and the Zoo, but didn't stop because I wasn't feeling great and was lugging my laptop. I did stop at the Centro Cultural de la Raza to see the Dia De Los Muertos exhibit there. They had an altar set up where you could add the names of your dead and give thanks so I submitted a card for Rosita Hidalgo y Costilla Deloi.

Tonight's meeting was short and sweet. I was toward the end on the agenda so I kept it really brief. The other speaker at the meeting was a worker trying to organize at the maquiadora in Tijuana where he worked. I'm going to try to get some sleep because I have an early meeting tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous9/28/2007

    that must of been some good exirsize!!!!!!!!!! thats good ohhhhh i dont know why im going to say this but while travling have sushi!!!