Sunday, October 28, 2007

We're in the Money!

On Friday We found out that we have been approved for ourbusiness loan!!! This means that Hoi Polloi is officially moving forward. The budget is still going to be really tight - but we have enough to open. So on Friday we toasted to Hoi Polloi and on Saturday we celebrated with our friends and family. We have approximately a month to whip the space into shape for opening.

The Halloween party was a lot of fun. JB and I debuted our Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy costumes that we've been working on. It's pretty clear that I'm not suited to be a blond, but it was fun for one night. Rik was Frida Kahlo and Steph and Nate were 80s dancers and we also had an assortment of other characters including a pixie, count, sailor, pirate, pregnant nun, bum, Richard Simmons, and a witch.

Most of the action revolved around the beer pong table. Where the highlight was the victorious sister duo. (Note: by victorious I mean completely unable to get a ball in a cup) It was also a great opportunity to get everyone to see the "before" in all its glory - wood paneling, bright green trim, and (partially removed) fox hunt wallpaper.

On Sunday it was back to work. Steph and jb's brothers came and we made a list of everything we need to do before opening. It's quite a list. We even used a complex, but very democratic system involving pennies to choose the wall colors for the cafe. Our official colors are Wilderness, Wilmington Tan, and Acorn.

In other news, we finally got the roof over our bathroom that leaked every time it rained fixed. It cost us a small fortune, but now it's watertight and shiny.


  1. so even kermit gets a pic before me ...

  2. pat your weave girl. PAT! PAT!

  3. Anonymous10/29/2007

    HAHAHAHAHA i knew before the costumes but they look every nice. Alright finnally the loan to open OUR coffe shop. u do the work ill be eating superviser.