Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Things about this week:

  • We bought a gallon of organic milk at the co-op on Tuesday that was past its sell-by date for $0.99 - and it's still good! Seriously - I just had a glass.
  • We are officially an LLC and have an EIN. We are so incorporated - and we close on the loan next week!
  • The kittens have done the impossible and gotten even cuter. This week they got super active and curious.
  • I'm currently sitting in bed eating nutella and graham crackers

Bad Things about this week:

  • We were supposed to start demo on the wall where we want to put the counter in the cafe, but we have not had any luck getting any of several contractors to show.

  • I started to cover the windows (so that we can keep our renovation growing pains under wraps) with these awesome "Imagine Peace" posters that we got at the Hirshhorn. We grabbed a stack the last time we were there before we moved and I thought we'd have plenty to cover the three windows, but we barely had enough for one. I guess the other two need a plan B.
  • I'm currently watching Herbie Fully Loaded.


  1. Nutella mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  2. be quiet you loved it. maybe not quite as much as cheaper by the dozen.