Friday, December 21, 2007

Bah Humbug!

It is so interesting that of all the commercials centered around gift giving, so many featuring women giving men gifts involve gifts like razors or hats or pajamas, and so many commercials featuring men giving women gifts involve gifts along the lines of SUVs or 4 carat diamond earrings.

Nevermind that I think giving someone you share finances with a car is the most ridiculous thing ever, I'm really struck by the financial implications. "Ladies, take your allowance or the pocket money you make as a typist and buy your man a trinket you can afford." "Men, you are the breadwinner, why not make a major financial decision and surprise your little lady with it."

Ok, so maybe this post is overly cynical, but as the "breadwinner" of a household, I would certainly consult jb before purchasing a car. Even if I knew exactly the model and color she wanted, it would be an empty gesture to surprise her with it because it's still our money. Maybe other couples separate their finances more than we do, but you've got to be pretty freaking wealthy to buy a car with your personal funds.

Maybe I'm just being a grinch because I'm facing one more holiday without my family. Even Steph is going to Mexico for Christmas. She's leaving tomorrow. Luckily I got to spend some quality time with her today when she took me to get jb's christmas present. I love having sisters. It's the best.

Man, this post is so unlike me (at least the blogger me). I feel like I need to balance it out with some good news. Well, for the first time in my professional career I will be receiving a Holiday bonus! It couldn't come at a better time, too. Some will go towards debt, some will go towards gifts, and we already spent a bit of it on hiring help to clean our home. Best damn money I ever spent. Things had gotten so messy during the cafe crunch time that I was starting to feel like we'd never get caught up, but within four hours the house was in a respectable state and I feel like I can realistically take it from here. Hooray!


  1. hooray for sisters and a brother! hahah we all mis you and wish you all could be here

  2. hey hey hey. what about the brother. Meanie bo benie