Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The heat doesn't circulate very well in our apartment. We have one room that is virtually an oven (I originally typed "sauna" but it is devoid of any humidity) and every other room is rather cold. The coldest of these rooms is sadly the bathroom making that first bathroom visit of the morning a rude awakening. We put a space heater in there, but we can't keep it running all the time, so jb turns it on in the mornings when she gets up to open and it warms up a bit by the time I roll out of bed for work. High romance, in my opinion.

Why must American Express rub in the fact that there is no Pinkberry in Pittsburgh?


  1. telepboy12/19/2007

    baby it WARM outside. HAHAHAHA

  2. baby its WARM outside. HAHAHAHA