Saturday, December 15, 2007


I heart PGH

Pittsburgh Dish

Fridays are so bittersweet. They kick off the weekend (happy sleeping-in eve!), but on the other hand, they are the day that my weekly report for work is due and I always panic that I haven't done enough over the week and am scrambling to go over all my e-mails searching for proof of productivity. This could easily be prevented by keeping a list of tasks throughout the week and simply adding finishing touches on Friday, but this goes against everything my procrastinating a** stands for.

This weekend I'm hoping to give some much needed attention to our living quarters. Prior to opening all we had time to do was make mess after mess up here, and now after a week of catching up on sleep, it's time to bring the apartment back to a livable standard. Not the most exiting weekend plans, but I'm looking forward to some home time.

I've gotten some requests for "before pictures" of the cafe, so I'm posting a couple. Now that the cafe is all cozy it's easy to feel like it's always been like this.

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  1. Anonymous12/15/2007

    we want 2 see the couch