Thursday, January 3, 2008

but the hills of iowa make me wish that I could

I'm couch bound this evening (I suffered the same fate as my last DC trip and have brutal blisters) which is just as well because Kalina brought home a DVD of the L word premiere and we watched it with take out from Chipotle. The sneak preview would have been more exciting if I'd seen season 4 - but Netflix has been on the back burner lately. Still, I know all the secrets that most people won't know until...Sunday.

Now we are just waiting to see how the Iowa caucus turns out. So far it's looking like Obama and Huckabee. Fascinating.

Hopefully my poor feet will be well enough by tomorrow to not make my commute home miserable.

Obama, it's official. You heard it here first, folks.*

*if you heard it here first, well, that's just pathetic.

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