Monday, January 28, 2008


My sister just posted about the trip she and my brother took with their class to see the turtles and I'm so jealous I could just burst.

My butt sticks to the toilet seat every morning it's so cold here and they are chasing turtles on the beaches of Mexico. My dad is wearing shorts for goodness sake. Shorts.

I'm reading Anna Karenina - but I got the book used and the idiotic notes the previous owner wrote in the margins are distracting.

Stephanie and I had a sister night on Saturday which was equal parts awesome (giggling and Thai food) and disgusting (volume of ice-cream consumed while in bed watching law and order).


  1. soooo fun!! you got any icecream left?

  2. i am so happy that everyone liked my blog entry i really wanted u guy to see how it was and i had to put up all the pics it was something u can explain and sorry that i did not get that many of nick but he was not on my team! but i miss u all so much!