Saturday, January 19, 2008

Walking in Memphis

Most everyone has seen images of marchers with signs stating simply, "I am a Man," but most people don't realize that they are striking sanitation workers. I'm in Memphis for work. I'm attending the AFL-CIO's MLK observance. This year is the 4o years since King's death here in Memphis where he was supporting the sanitation workers' strike. The speakers have been really incredible - Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, James Lawson, Jesse Epps, sanitation workers who led the has been really inspiring. It's odd to think that I will most likely be the last generation to hear these stories from the mouths of people who were there.

The trip has been good. Early mornings, full days, then back to my hotel room with just enough energy to order room service and check e-mail. Still, I've gotten to spend time with some people I haven't seen in a while, I only had one political training to facilitate, and the hotel is nice. I am surprised by how cold it is here. I guess in my mind any thing below the mason-dixon line is tropical - but I've been shivering over the last couple of days since we've had to spend quite a bit of time outside. Last night there was a candlelit vigil and today we did community service cleaning up graffiti and picking up trash. Even though it has been a good trip, I can't wait to get home. I miss jb so much when I'm gone.

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  1. i cant wait for you to come home too! yayyy sister