Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It is rainy and dreary in DC. I've been here since Monday and will be heading back home tomorrow. It has been rather uneventful - I remembered to pack walking shoes so my feet are in good shape. Hallelujah. I'm staying with Denice and Nancy on Capitol Hill. Last night on my way back from the office I stopped by Eastern Market and spent $40 on ravioli to freeze and take back home with me. It will be worth every penny. Those things are f-ing awesome. Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese, Spinach and Artichoke, Mushroom - I can't wait.

Back home our apartment is transforming in leaps and bounds. Under the Victorian wallpaper there seems to be painted plaster. It's so pretty, but the plaster is in really awful shape - dry and brittle - since it was covered with that cheap wood paneling for so many years. It is so sad to think what a gem this place was and could still be if it had been cared for better. We are just doing the best we can for it. The floor plan is already so much more open and inviting and it really maximizes the great light our apartment gets. I can't wait until we can actually use it as living space. Right now we are out of money, so progress is at a standstill, but in a few weeks we should be able to finish the living room off. The kitchen is another story.

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  1. um, how did these ravioli go unmentioned? you thought i was excited for you to come home before ...