Friday, March 7, 2008

Remember when I had a blog?

Sorry about the hiatus - Larissa and Nick came to visit last weekend (they are the main reason I write the blog, so no point in filling them in when they are here) and finally got to see the cafe in person. Then, once they left, I was feeling a little under the weather, hence the lack of blogging.

Sidenote on the word hence: One time Nicholas and I were chatting and I said, "You know, Nick, you are my favorite brother." He responded with, "I'm your ONLY brother..." I replied, "Hence, my favorite brother." And Nicholas said, "Wait, who's Hence??"

It was really great to see the kids and for them to see the shop and for us all to spend time together. I miss them so so so so much. I can't wait until they come back and I can get sick of them. I'm already thinking about this summer's camping trips :)

March is a rough month for me - in like a lion out like a lamb - if only the transition were so smooth. We get a taste of a beautiful spring day and then the next thing you know there's freezing rain. Today is rather gloomy, but you can feel spring trying to break through. I've been getting in the mood with some indoor gardening - can't wait to take it outside (and into that damn clawfoot tub I keep saying I'm going make into a garden!)

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