Saturday, May 24, 2008

rain and shine

Yesterday was one of those perfect new spring days. I had the day off from work so jb and I went for a hike with the puppies in Riverview Park - of course Talula isn't much of a hiker, so I ended up carrying her on the way back to the car. I love that we live close to so many great parks. Interesting Fact (courtesy of jb): Riverview Park has more miles of hiking trails than any of Pittsburgh's other three parks. Take that Frick.

After that we hit the farmers market and got some local honey for the store and some tomato and pepper plants for the tub. There wasn't much in the way of produce available yet, just some potatoes that were stored over the winter, some leafy greens, and a few green onions. Still, it's so nice to be in farmer's market season again.

Today I'm not feeling great so I'm trying to take it easy and work on my book for book club. I have a four day weekend and no upcoming travel for work, so I'm feeling pretty relaxed. I'm grateful I get the opportunity to travel through work, but man, it does get exhausting.

On my last trip to Rochester I was able to catch the Lilac Festival in Highland Park. I love lilacs, and there were so many varieties. White to deep blue, single bloom, double bloom...and the fragrance permeated the whole park.


  1. i LOVE that picture of talu.. so cute! what a lazy lucy

  2. sounds like the lilac may have officially replaced cherry blossoms as the official family flower.

    the pictures are really great.

  3. i can't believe you approved a comment in which i used the same word twice. you're supposed to protect me from looking like a tool, st.

  4. i omg the pic of the puppy is so cute she is a great dog. the pic of the flower are great i wish we had parks like that here in mexico it would be more fun.