Saturday, June 7, 2008

worth 1,000 words

  • I've been avoiding posting since my camera battery has died and the battery charger is nowhere to be found.

  • We're fostering another litter of kittens - five this time. They are such a pain in the neck - good thing they are freaking adorable. There are two siamese (twins - ha), a black and white one, a medium haired tabby, and a ridiculously fluffy grey one. You'll just have to take my word on how cute they are until my replacement battery charger arrives.

  • I'm really enjoying my break from work travel. I'm home until July (and even them I'm only going to DC).

  • We got a couch. We'd been without anywhere to sit in our home for some time. It was ridiculous. Seriously. Nothing. A bed and a plastic chair and that's it. We thought we'd wait until renovations were done before we got a couch - but since that seems like it won't be until we are in our mid-sixties, we figured we'd go ahead. People who haven't lived without a couch won't understand the new found appreciation jb and I now have for the simple act of sitting on the couch. It's divine.

  • I cancelled our cable. And I gave away the tv we had in our bedroom. So now there is only one tv in our home that only gets two fuzzy channels. I always say I wish I watched less tv - but I'm not sure I'm actually watching less tv now, but I am squinting a lot more.

  • Summer is heating up - and we are sweating our dupas off. We've been getting quotes on installing central air - they are all astronomical. I guess we're stuck with our window unit and fans.


  1. kittens!!!!!!!!! hurry up and fix the camera!

  2. divine is the perfect word to describe that couch. best-75-bucks-ever-spent. ever.

  3. SweetzieMama6/12/2008

    "Dupas"???? I have heard or used that term in ages! My friends, sibs and cousins used that word many yelling "Hoopa Shoopa hows yer dupa"!