Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CSI: Hoi Polloi

Well, Hoi Polloi had an incident this evening. Everything is fine. Daniel was working when this guy asked for change for a dollar and when Daniel opened the drawer to make change, the guy tried to grab money out of the drawer. Daniel slammed the drawer on his hand and there was a minor scuffle. In the end, the guy got away with about $30. Not great, but not the worst thing that's ever happened. Although, the police dusted for prints and everything - whoa. I guess the picture doesn't look so much like prints dusting so much as just a dirty counter, but I promise you - that is a professional criminal investigative mess.In other news jb's soccer game was rained out - boo. On the bright side she had scored the first goal of the game. Steph came with me this time to cheer her on, but sadly there were only a few minutes of cheering before we ended up running back to our car.

On the work front, my boss is away for three weeks. I guess for most people this would be good news - but since he left me in charge I'm feeling a little stressed. I also have a bad habit of making messes while he's away, so I'm doing my best to avoid that this time around. Also, my long stretch without travel is coming to an end soon. Next week I'll be in DC, then the next week I'll be in Oakland, CA. Then hopefully I'm looking at a week's vacation in August to spend some time with the family when they are here.


  1. it's good to see that csi: hp can exist without the horatio-style zingers. good reporting.

  2. oooo - that's scary. i'm happy that no one was injured!