Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, jb and I (and my three chins) are on the cover of this week's CP for an article on foster parenting. We were not expecting to be on the cover - we aren't even foster parents, yet. But there we are. Anyway, fostering is something we hope to do in the next year or two - depending on how our home renovations go. In other CP news: Hoi Polloi was featured in "On the Side" two weeks ago. The CP should change its name to "The pleasantlyfurious and jb Times".

The most exciting thing happening around here is that jb joined a soccer team. Yesterday was the first game and the weather was perfect and jb was able to show off her superior soccer skills. Seriously, she's hella good. I'm her #1 fan. Her games are on Tuesday nights should anyone care to join my cheering section.


  1. show off? no ma'am.

  2. re: CP. i know the photographer who took your photo. small town!

  3. year or two? Hey, you are signed up for September per the CP story. :-) She's planning to follow you through the process.