Friday, August 1, 2008


The abbreviated version with the usual apologies:

  • Nick, Larissa and my Dad are in town!
  • Bowling with jb, Nick and Larissa at Arsenal Lanes.
  • Went to see The Dark Knight with Nick and Larissa.
  • Kalina got me hooked on vampire novels written for teenage girls. I read about 2,000 pages in a week - and am eagerly awaiting the next one. The good news is that Larissa is reading them now, too!
  • DC trip rounded out nicely with getting a lot done at work and seeing lots of friends. Tsoghig (and her adorable new baby), Nancy B, and even Val and Dezzie.
  • Then I was in Oakland for a week for the CA Labor Fed. and the resolution I wrote re: prop 8 passed unanimously!
  • The kittens all reached 3 lbs. (perhaps with the help of a couple extra servings of wet food) and are currently available for adoption at the humane society.

And the most exciting news of all:

  • We shortened the cafe hours! I know this isn't good news for everybody (sorry!) - but I'm simply over the moon about it. Since we opened 8 months ago we've been open 99 hours a week and jb has worked just about every one of those hours. We want the cafe to succeed and thrive - but we also don't want it to be the only thing in our lives. Now we are going to be open 60 hours a week (7 am - 5 pm Tuesday - Sunday) and we will be closed on Mondays - a whole day...every week!

    jb of course assured me that she could work 99 hrs/week indefinitely, but I have a preference that she not keel over at 30, so I lobbied hard for a more moderate approach. We do hope to one day expand our hours again - but in the interim, I think this will be good for us. It not only frees up personal time, but also time to do cafe related things that kept being put off because of the demands during business hours. We also plan to open in the evening should anyone want to hold a meeting or event - it's all still pretty flexible. I do hope no one is too put out by this change and our customers will continue to support us!


  1. i'm sorry, but is there a way to move my picture further from the headline? i can feel the ketchup dripping down on me.

  2. I'm happy for the better times for you, but sad about the hour changes since we'll be working for most of your open hours. Ah well ... it was good while it lasted. Still, I can appreciate wanting to have a life. I'll miss the egg salad. :-)

  3. Anonymous8/09/2008

    i'll offer some constructive criticism: your day closed should probably not be monday.
    i'm sure you went through your records and just took the day with the least profit, but if there was a day just a bit better, maybe you could go with that.
    just think of it, it's probably the 2nd most popular day to be closed, other stuff is closed, so you can't go there. for other things, everyone else wants to do them on monday so they're more busy (like call centers, even if they're 24/7, they still spike at all the traditional times/days.)
    why isn't monday a good day in the coffee slinging business? i would've thought.