Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today was not a good day. Our car is out of commission. I have killer cramps. The damn vampire book is sold out. And worst of all, I dropped my iphone and the glass screen broke.

It fell out of my purse as I was getting out of the car (not our car - since ours is not working) and fell to the sidewalk. Oh, it was a sad moment. AT&T doesn't offer insurance on these phones, and the Apple warranty doesn't cover damage, so my options aren't that great:

1. Purchase another iphone at the non-AT&T-contract price.

2. Purchase a different (inferior) phone.

3. Pay Apple $250 to replace the screen for me. (notable: this is more than I paid for the phone)

4. Go rogue and buy a cheap knock-off replacement screen on ebay and attempt to make the repairs myself.

Well, the ebay replacement screen has been ordered and I'm reading up on how exactly to do this. In the meantime, the phone works fine, I just have to be careful not to cut my finger or face - yikes. Oh, I'm sad.

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  1. oh, shit! that's horrible. how do they get away without offering insurance????

    i've done some phone repairs myself before, and i'm sure it will go smoothly. fingers crossed!

    in the mean time, watch the glass...