Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deep Fried

I'm feeling much better. My trip to Austin was a bit rough on me, but I did get to see some old friends from my HRC days. I had brunch with Marti and Sanaz on Sunday before heading to the airport to catch my flight. Marti and I did the campaign training program together back in '02. Six years ago - my goodness!

Since returning home I've caught up on sleep, work and getting my ass kicked at scrabble. Yesterday jb and I took Talula to the park for a hike - and she walked most of it herself, as opposed to last time. Today I was back at work - ugh. My brain has been fried lately.

I'm trying to get my mom and the kids to visit before I have to head to CA for campaign work. I hope it works out!


  1. i'm glad youre feeling better! Lu looks so always

  2. you won the last series, and this one is tied...