Friday, November 7, 2008


The Good:
  • Obama - how about that? So incredible.
  • jb looks dapper in her new glasses.
  • jb is an official tree tender.
The Bad:
  • Proposition 8 passed in CA. I was in CA for the last two weeks of October working to defeat Prop 8 and I was so sure it was going to fail. I can't believe it passed. Not to mention FL and AR. It's hurtful. Especially in such an incredible year with progressive voters turning out in droves.
  • Grandma died. Expected, but sad.
  • That which shall not be discussed.
I'm having some buyer's remorse about moving to Pittsburgh - the main reason we moved (to be near family) is obsolete and especially now, at such an exciting time politically, I'm wishing I was in DC. Of course I tend to wax nostalgic about our time in DC, especially when I return for a work trip and it's all Dupont Circle apartments, squeezing in meetings all day, and having dinner with friends every night. Someone should remind me that I lived in NE, hardly ever went out, and spent my days tucked away in an office in the far corner of the building. Still, I miss it.


  1. ... this is a tricky one.

  2. Anonymous11/09/2008

    You are a big asset to the community so I hope that's some comfort. The NorthSide needs you.

  3. Anonymous11/09/2008

    Sorry about your grandmother. Expected is still tough.

  4. I wish i could be there to give you a big warm hug.

  5. Anonymous11/11/2008

    That which shall not be discussed? Are you okay?