Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dale, Dale, Dale

I arrived in DF on Tuesday in the afternoon. My cousin Alejandro picked me up from the airport and we had tacos al pastor for dinner - lots of them. Then he took me to my friend Lacho's house (where I was going to stay the night) and we hung out waiting for Dan to arrive. At 10 pm we went to pick Dan up from the airport with Lacho's friends Alejandra y Laura. From there we headed to Alejandro's house for a few drinks. We talked and laughed until about 2 am and then Dan and I went back to Lacho's house for the night - but of course we continued talking until about 4 am.The plan was to head out the next morning at 9 am - but shockingly we overslept. So we hit the road at about 10:30 in the morning. We headed to Coyoacan to meet Lacho's friend Isabella (who has the most amazing apartment!). We had tortas for breakfast in the mercado and got coffee and hot chocolate at El Jarocho. Then we went to Frida Kahlo's house - which is one of my favorite things to do in Mexico - and took a stroll around the main square.

Then we drove to Cuernavaca and Lacho dropped us off at my parent's home. It's great to see my family and be here again. We gave Dan the grand tour of the house and spent the afternoon wrapping gifts. At 10 pm we went to Diana's house for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner complete with bacalao. We sang the posada (which is an enactment of Mary and Joseph searching for lodging) and then we all took turns trying to break the piƱata (even Dan and my mom) which was filled with candy, jicama, sugar cane and peanuts.

This morning woke up and exchanged gifts and then we went to Sanborn's for brunch and we all shared with each other - huevos rancheros, molletes, enchiladas suizas, enchiladas en mole, and chilaquiles with juice, hot chocolate and bisquets. We then checked out the Cathedral, el mercado, park in the ravine, and El Salto - a waterfall.

The trip is going well so far and I think Dan is having a good time. I miss jb, but know I'll be home in a few days.


Dan - a great friend from my DC days. We worked together at HRC and really bonded when we were in TX working on a congressional campaign.

Alejandro - My cousin whom I often stay with when I'm in DF and also came to visit me in DC a couple years ago.

Lacho - A dear friend that I grew up with. Our grandmothers were good friends and lived across the street from one another.

Laura, Alejandra, y Isabella - Friends of Lacho's from his master's program.

Diana - Lacho's mother.


  1. oooo Frida Kahlo's was just about my favorite place i've ever been to. enjoy your trip! merry christmas!

  2. even dan and mom?

    hmm, i was more impressed that you had a go at it. although, i can picture you diving after jicama.