Friday, December 26, 2008


Today was a full day in the sun and I am exhausted - but it was totally worth it. First we went to see the pyramids at Xochicalco. These aren't the largest pyramids in the area - but you can go into the pyramid and there is a sort of chimney that allows a ray of light to come through and this ray of light travels along the floor of the chamber and designates dates as an agricultural calendar (so they knew when to till the soil, plant the seeds, etc). It also acts as an astrological observatory - almost like a telescope - and as the earth turns different stars and planets can be observed through it. It's also said that if you stand in the ray of light and rub your hands together, clap them over your head and lower them people will be able to see your aura. The ruins are on top of a mountain and the views of the surrounding mountains and lake are just breathtaking.

After that we headed to Taxco which is a silver mining town in the state of Guerrero. It's built on a mountain side and all the houses are white with red roofs and the streets are narrow and cobblestone. We visited the church in the town square and then had dinner at a restaurant that had great views of the town and we capped off the day by stopping in a few stores to look at the silver jewelry. I've actually never been to Taxco before and I loved it. It's how I imagine Greece or Italy.We have an early morning, so I'll be turning in soon - and I'm sure I'll fall asleep as my head hits the pillow even though I have a sister and two dogs as bedmates.

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  1. sounds like somebody stopped to read the signs.