Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family and Friends

I've been busy preparing for my trip to Mexico to see my family for Christmas. My good friend Dan (from DC days) will be meeting me in Mexico City on Tuesday and hopefully I'll be able to show him a good time over the next five days. I'm excited to see my family and enjoy some sunshine - but will miss jb.

Speaking of missing jb - I am also planning a trip to visit Muffy in South Korea in February! I'm really really really looking forward to it. It was a big chunk of money - but hey, that's what credit cards are for - right? It's once in a lifetime you get to visit your sister in Gangneung.

Speaking of sisters, last night was sibling night and cheese fries were had by all. It's not easy being the only Telep representative at these sibling nights - I'm looking forward to the day we even the playing field a little bit. Even though we might have more girls than the Burgan's - we can put away cheese fries with the best of 'em.

Earlier this evening was our pre-christmas get together with the girls (Rik, Sara, Amber, and Kristy). The night was packed with wine, rock band, and getting puked on (by an infant). Tomorrow jb and I are meeting rik for lunch at our favorite Indian Buffet - which happens to be located in the lobby of a seedy motel. I hate to admit that we refused to go there for some time even thought rik kept reccomending it - when we finally gave in and tried it we realized how foolish we'd been. Ahhh, I can't wait!

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  1. oooo your girl's night sounds like it was fun! you were probably totally crunked.