Monday, December 15, 2008

I heart Mondays

First of all - jb wrote her debut blogpost below. Too cute.

Well, Mondays have become my new favorite day. To begin with, it's the day Hoi Polloi is closed, which means I get jb all day. Since I work from home and the cafe is right downstairs, jb and I get to see each other more than the average couple, but usually it's still limited to stolen moments. But Mondays...well Mondays are now the day that we get to work side by side all day.

Now, it's a well known fact that jb spoils me - for example, she brings me breakfast in bed each morning (since the cafe opens at 7 and I don't have to wake up for work until 9, jb comes up to wake me and brings me breakfast...some days it's something simple like cereal, but on some days she makes me french toast or her famous oatmeal). Well on Mondays I get extra pampered - maybe a foot rub or picking up extra chores. Hey, I'm not gonna judge what jb chooses to do with her day off.

To top it all off jb and I have begun having a weekly movie date night. The Southside theater has $5 admission and free popcorn on Mondays, so we've been going every week for the last few weeks. Sometimes we'll get coffee afterwards or window shop at the bookstore. It's so nice to have a standing date - especially one that's affordable. So lately, I've been counting down the days until the weekend is over so that I can get to Monday.

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  1. mmmmm your mondays sound so wonderful! i'm jealous.
    do you think jb would mind brining me some breakfast now and then?