Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm glad I have a few days off between this vacation and going back to work because this vacation is kicking my a**. Today we got up early and headed to Cacahuamilpa to see the caves. They are 2k deep (actually they are 10k deep, but tours only go in 2k), so a 4k walk altogether, and they are 70 meters high at some points. They are so impressive. It's very humid but cool inside the caves which is a nice break from the sun.

After the tour of the caves we walked down to the base of the mountain where there is a river carving another set of caves. The walk down was lovely (if steep and rocky) but the walk back up was quite a workout - 500 meters on a very steep incline. At least we'll be ready for tomorrow's hike. At the top of the mountain was a ride where you put on a harness and a helmet and you glide from one mountaintop to the other over the ravine on a wire. Dan and I both did it (so fun! so scary!) but unfortunately there are no pictures. Despite my mother's valiant effort to capture it on film all she got were pictures of the empty wire after we'd landed on the other side.

After that we headed back to Cuernavaca and took a quick spin around Cortes' Palace - the highlight of which was the Diego Rivera mural depicting Mexican history.

We rounded out the day by hitting the Brady House - which is the former home of Robert Brady, a wealthy american who lived in Cuernavaca during the sixties and seventies. He was a painter and a collector of art and was good friends with Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and Josephine Baker. His house is absolutely gorgeous with an incredible collection of art and mexican antiques.

Finally we had dinner at Los Colorines and I had the tortilla soup (that jb loved when she was here) and chile en nogada - which was great, but not the same since pomegranate isn't in season. Now we're back home and trying to rest up before tomorrow's long day. I'm a little sad that my trip is coming to and end and I'll be leaving the sunshine - but I am dying to see my true love again. Only two more days until we are reunited!


  1. OMG - I am exhausted but exhilarated reading about your vacation and looking at the beautiful pictures!

  2. ah..i look away for one minute (ehh 3 days) and you already have posted so much! wow your trip looks like so much fun! i wish i was there with you guys!

  3. BTW i think we should redecorate abuela's house the brady house. whos with me?