Monday, December 29, 2008

half right

i've been stalling to write since, well, it's kind of tough to compete with S' adventures in mexico. talula and i have mostly just been holding down the fort.

it's been a very nice week at the shop - i guess because of holiday schedules people have had a little more coffee time. there's a group of regulars that come in on saturday mornings, and always show me a good time (i sometimes feel badly for charging them since, beyond making them breakfast, it's kind of just like hanging out with friends). in some combination, they've managed to come in every morning for the last week, so it's been a delight to have so much good company. also, it turns out the cookbook was a hit, and i'm very glad about that.

i've also gotten to spend lots of time with my family, which is always nice, if not a little intense. on the 25th, i scouted out a chinese buffet that would 1) be open, and 2) have our favorites on tap. after an adventurous trip getting there (valiant our co-pilot was; accurate, not so much) we indeed found 4 serving stations of scrumptious options. i can't wait to bring S there. i've also probably viewed more sports than i have in, say, three years combined. we watched a couple christmas basketball games which was fun, even though both of the teams i was pulling for lost. and then of course, yesterday, we watched the dolphins win for the afc championship. now, dolphins fans all over are celebrating in ecstasy since the phins have had a few rough seasons, to put it delicately. but it was pretty priceless to be with julian as his team finally gave him something to cheer about.

today i think lu and i will be working on getting this bachelor pad back into shape and ready for S to come home ... tonight!


  1. wow it sounds like things are going well! good job on the cookbook jb. I'm glad the two of you will be seeing each other so soon! miss you

  2. I'm glad "the boys" and "the ladies" kept you busy while I was away. I'm glad it's been a good week at the shop- but today I'm kind of wishing there weren't any customers so you wouldn't have left me hanging :)