Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We've been laying low this month. It's been bitter cold and we've been hibernating. It's been freezing for weeks now - and last week we had the coldest day in 15 years and our little 150 year old home is struggling to keep warm.

Yesterday's inauguration celebrations were unfortunately tempered by a nasty stomach flu - but I think I'm starting to feel better. What an incredible moment in history (Obama, not the stomach flu). I'm a little sad we aren't in DC for it - but we had our fair share of history in DC.

My two month trial at the Y ran out and since I've been going pretty consistently I renewed for a whole year (yikes). Of course, the day after I renewed I got sick - so I haven't been back since. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling up to getting back to it.

In two and a half weeks I'm going to visit Muffy!! I'm so excited to see her. It's not natural for sisters to be apart this long.


  1. Are you at the Y downtown or on the N. side? Just curious if I'd run into you (I'm downtown).

  2. i'm at the Y by your house every Wednesday for dodgeball. Its got great machines!

  3. what are you trying to do to me with that title? i'm going to be stuttering all day now.

  4. Does the Northside Y have parking? The lack of parking for the two downtown Y's deters me from going daily.

  5. Yay! I love seeing you at the Y, I'm glad you signed up for the year!