Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bells by the Sea

Today I got to see the school where Muffy teaches! She showed me around the school and I got to see her new classroom and meet some of her co-teachers. We also stopped by to see N8's school.

Then Muffy's friend Mi Hyun met us for lunch. We had two kinds of soup - one was bean based and the other was spicy with clear noodles.

After lunch Mi Hyun drove us to see a Buddhist temple by the ocean. The temple was amazing - the elaborate shrines and paintings. The temple has a huge newly erected statue of a female buddha and a pagoda with a huge bell that you could stand inside and then someone rings it with a large suspended log and you are surrounded by the sound and vibrations.

Tonight we stayed in and Muffy made a delicious dinner - chicken soup with fried chicken and rice. Muffy and N8's friend Daram came by for dinner and we talked and ate. It was good to have a relaxed evening after having so much to absorb.

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  1. oh no! now dinner from muffy? you guys are making me so hungry. man, i can't wait to have everyone back.