Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today Muffy took me to a cafe downtown where they have doctor fish - which are fish that eat dead skin. They have a little pool in the cafe where you can dip your feet and the fish will give you a "pedicure". It tickles like crazy at first, but after a few minutes you get used to it and it feels a little like they are scraping your feet. They get between your toes and under your feet - everywhere.

We also took a stroll through the market. I love markets. We stopped to eat in the market - we don't really know what it was, but it was good - it was like a patty of greens (maybe egg as the binding agent?) with a dipping sauce.

For dinner we went for shabu shabu.

You start with a plate of very thinly sliced raw beef.

Then you dip it into a bowl of boiling soup where it cooks quickly.

Then you dip the meat into a wasabi sauce and eat it with greens and mushrooms.

When the meat runs dump a bowl of noodles into the soup and eat the noodles with the broth and wasabi sauce.

When the noodles run's still not over! Then they bring the kettle back out packed with rice that is toasted on the side that was pressed against the kettle and you eat that with the remaining broth. This meal was unbelievable (and seemed to be neverending) - each course was so good I didn't want it to end, but then the next one was just as delicious.

It was also good to get to meet some of Muffy and N8's friends. Seven friends met us for shabu shabu and they were all really nice. After hearing about Muffy's life here for the last six months it's been great to try the foods she's been telling me about, see the places she hangs out, and meet her friends.


  1. I think I might be obsessed with Doctor Fish. I kind of want to try this in my home aquarium. (Though I can hear the words echoing in my head..."Don't try this at home!")

    Interestingly enough, J and Ocean and I went out tonight to celebrate Ocean's six-month birthday, and got Korean food! While I'm sure it is a far cry from what you're eating right now, it was delicious, and Ocean enjoyed making a thorough mess of the little baby bowl of rice they brought for her.

    This sounds like an amazing trip. Awesome travel + sister time = heaven.

  2. dinner that never runs out sounds like my kind of dinner.

  3. umm, remember that time you let fish eat your feet and then proceeded to eat a meal?

    you seem to be having a good time and give steph a big burgan birthday hug for us!!!