Friday, December 11, 2009


Until now, I haven't really shared any pregnancy belly pictures - because, well, the "before" pictures look a little more "after" than I appreciate. But now, while, I'm basically the same size as before pregnancy, my body has really begun to change. So I gave in, and jb and I had a photo shoot.

All of these are taken at 18 weeks. Man, do I look tired! I promise I'm getting enough rest. Standing up I may look more or less the same to the untrained eye - but I promise my belly is a little rounder and a little lower.

Of course, if I lay down and suck in my stomach most of the chub is absorbed and what's left is most definitely baby.

The top of my uterus (fundus) is just below my belly button at this point in pregnancy which creates a sort of "ski-slope belly button" - which I find hilarious.

It's hard not to look lovingly at a photographer that thinks every picture turned out beautifully - even the ones with twelve chins.


  1. You have a *great* 18 week belly!

  2. you look great! I'm so psyched for you!

  3. Stopping in from MDC. I think you have a cute baby belly.