Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm very grateful for having, thus far (knock on wood), a fairly easy pregnancy. I'm loving my growing belly and feeling our little monkey doing acrobatics each day. The few discomforts I've had (round ligament pain and hip pain) seem pretty worth it - and I'm almost enjoying the other nuisances of pregnancy. For example - a waddle has begun to creep into my walk, especially when I first get going after being seated for a while. jb finds this positively hilarious - and I do love to hear her laugh, so it's a win-win. Even the stretch marks that have begun to explode over my belly don't phase me too much - although I am trying to keep them moisturized to avoid splitting right in half and to soothe the frantic itchiness that accompanies the stretching. I'm taking full advantage of the appetite that has ballooned over the last week or so - the latest cravings are chocolate milk (from Brunton's Dairy) and anything spicy. The only disconcerting symptom has been that I seem to be especially clumsy - a walking disaster, in fact. I currently have bandaids on four of my ten fingers (cutting jb's hair, leg shaving accident, scraped on a door, and the last one escapes me - have I mentioned that I'm forgetful, too?). My poor elbows and knees are bruised and my toes are all stubbed.

I've been MIA from the blog for two main reasons -

1. I hate posting without pictures. I don't know why, but it just seems like less fun - and it has been tricky catching daylight to take pictures. (Although I am noticing the days getting longer and loving it).

2. The cafe was randomly selected for an audit - Fun! So we've been very busy making sure all our ducks are in a row and going over the books to make sure everything adds up. We seem to be on track (audit is tomorrow - wish us luck!) but it's been overwhelming and has made us rethink some of our filing choices and division of work.

In response to the audit panic we've had two major changes. The first being a scaling back of hours - we are back to being open 7am - 5 pm. We were surviving with the old schedule, but we were eating dinner at 10 pm and letting non-urgent tasks slip (hello sink full of dishes and dust bunnies galore). With a baby on the way, it just didn't seem to be sustainable long term, so we made the switch back to our old hours - and it's been soooo nice. The second big change is what we've been fondly referring to as "commando life". Basically jb and I each have a daily schedule - and every hour of our day is scheduled, from the moment we wake up right up until bedtime. There is some flexibility, and we schedule relaxing time and dinner together - but overall, it's a pretty demanding schedule and has been a big change for both of us. On the bright side, we've both been hella productive. I've been to the gym almost everyday, taken Talula on walks, made dinner from scratch each night, gotten on top of our out-of-control laundry situation, not let the dishes pile up, and get to some deep cleaning around the house. So while we've freed up some time with the shorter cafe hours, we've certainly kept busy - but I feel like we've gotten more time together. I'm pretty happy with the changes because I feel like we are getting to enjoy our last few months as a twosome, focus on our home (nesting!), and get ahead of some of the stuff that was getting out of control.


  1. Glad to hear that things are going so well overall!
    Good luck with the audit. You sound seriously productive!

  2. even without pictures the blog was great! i love hearing all of the positive new things in your life! what a great new routine to get settled into.