Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today is officially 21 weeks. Trying to get back on the picture wagon - but it's hard this time of year to catch the one of hour of daylight each day.

I've been feeling the monkey moving around every day lately which has been really nice and reassuring. I first felt definite movement around mid-December, before I got sick. I was sitting on the couch with jb watching TV and out of nowhere I sneezed (those that know me know that my sneezes are...well...loud) - immediately I felt a very startled monkey flailing around :) It was amazing. Of course, with the onset of the cold, sneezing and coughing became old news to the monkey and didn't illicit quite the same reaction anymore.

After that I felt movement every couple of days - maybe, I think - it was hard to be sure. Only in the last week or so have I felt regular movement on a daily basis. I think any day now jb will be able to feel one of these nudges from the outside. I can't wait.

As for the belly - it's definitely getting bigger.

I can't believe how quickly it's going. Now that we've passed the halfway point the countdown is going faster and faster. On the bright side - We can officially say we are having a baby this year!

We rang in the new year with my family, Wits and Wagers, fresh salsa, and shrimp cocktail. On the first we joined our neighbors for the 2nd annual New Year's brunch (which I looked forward to all year!). Now we are just enjoying officially being in the year of the Monkey.


  1. you look fantastic!! congrats on 21 weeks!

  2. loving the pictures! you are beautiful