Monday, March 8, 2010


This week jb and I celebrate our 9th anniversary. After having such a great time on our mini-getaway in November - we thought it might be a good idea to do it again. So after seeing a great deal on groupon for a night's stay at the Omni Wm. Penn, I snapped it up and made reservations for this week. So yesterday we headed over to the hotel to enjoy a 24hr. escape together.

The hotel was gorgeous and our room was everything we wanted it to be - big bed, cable, clean bathroom and no one we know for miles, well, blocks. The only trouble is that when you get an $80 deal on a five-star $350/night hotel, there is a certain misundertanding about how much money you have to spend. So for dinner we ventured out into downtown (which is all but shut down on Sundays) rather than patronize the over-priced restaurants within the hotel. We found a hole-in-the-wall pizza place that was miraculously open and shared a chicken parm hoagie (high romance) and then returned to our room. jb did splurge on room service to get me chocolate cake and ice-cream in the middle of the night :)

This morning I was hoping jb would get a chance to sleep in, but getting up at 6 am for the past two years was too hard a habit to break - so she got up early to get coffee and read the paper (which is almost as good as sleep). When she returned, we went for breakfast together, returned to the room, and jb napped while I watched tv (hooray for late check-outs). Too soon, it was over and time to go "back to life" - I cried a little on the way home, partly because I didn't want it to be over and partly because I cry for everything these days.

Of course now that we've been "back to life" for several hours, I'm remembering that our life is pretty great. jb finished closing the store while I did some laundry, then we headed out to a midwife appointment where we heard monkey's heartbeat and confirmed that everything is on track and that I passed the GD screening with flying colors. (I can't believe we are at 30 weeks! Only 10 weeks to go - 70 days!!) We did a little grocery shopping and hand holding, returned home, jb made me dinner and now we're sitting on the couch with our puppy. Not too shabby.


  1. Excellent news on the GTT :)
    We so badly need a staycation I think! My girl is the same, up at 5:30am every day for the last few years means that 7am is a long sleep in. Normally she is up by 630. Which to me is ludicrous as I am by no stretch of the imagination, a morning person.
    Woo hoo for 10 weeks to go!

  2. Lovely! happy anniversary to you both!

  3. happy anniversary!! sounds like a fun way to celebrate! :D