Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wish us luck!

Today I went in for the one hour glucose tolerance test (to check for gestational diabetes). Basically you drink a beverage that tastes like warm, flat orange soda and then they draw blood an hour later to see how your body is processing the sugar. The drink, while not something I would choose to drink on my own, really wasn't that bad. I'd heard it was AWFUL, so I was relieved that it was not as bad as it had been hyped up to be. Well, hopefully I'll pass and won't have to take the 3-hour test and possibly have to give up brownie fudge sundaes.


  1. good luck! i have mine at the end of the month :(

  2. i hope you do just fine! my ob was like, be sure to drink it cold, it's better that way! and i'm glad i did.

    i too was expecting something horrible, and it wasn't that bad!