Sunday, April 11, 2010


35 wks. I'm still feeling pretty good. After a few unseasonably hot days, the weather has cooled off to pleasant spring temperatures, which I'm grateful for. I spent two nights falling asleep with the help of fans and wet towels. I don't know how my mom survived August being 9 mos. pregnant without air conditioning!

I'm trying to catch my tummy moving on camera, but the baby seems to be camera shy. Actually, the baby has been very shy about allowing anyone to see or feel movement (except for jb and, of course, me). Thank goodness for hiccups, they are a surefire way to guarantee my siblings and parents will feel some sign of life - because usually the baby will be rolling and kicking like crazy until I invite someone to feel the movement and then nothing. Maybe the baby will be really good a freeze tag.

We are doing lots to prepare in this final month. We plan to cloth diaper this baby and I've been doing a lot of research about the different types of diapers and am starting to build up a stash of a couple different kinds. Mostly I've been focusing on one-size diapers (that should last from birth through potty training), but BumGenius currently has a promotion that offers a free diaper (sized) with purchase. So, naturally I took advantage of the offer and for the free diaper I chose a size xs, since sometimes newborns are too small to fit into one-size diapers. Well, they came in the mail today and the newborn diaper is soooooooo small, and soooooo cute. Here is the xs diaper next to a regular one-size diaper:

And of course every stuffed animal in the house has a diaper on.

I also made a mobile for over the crib. It's very basic - two wooden dowels, some nylon string, and oragami paper cut into bird shapes.

I've also been dying and aplique-ing some of the more boring clothes - but that's a-whole-nother post.

Now, most of what is left is cleaning. Ugh. I'm all about nesting in the making things or buying things or rearranging and organizing ways - but the typical deep-cleaning type of nesting totally does not appeal to me. Maybe it will kick in the next week or two...


  1. my babe would never move in-utero for the camera either!

    the cloth diapers are so cute! we use BG and love them :)

  2. Tiny tushies! Yours is just a few weeks away. :). Also, love the shirt you made - how'd you do that?

  3. awww, the crafting is wonderful!!!

    i felt like spring cleaning at the very very end! i say take it slow, or outsource!

  4. Your mobile is beautiful!

  5. *squee*!! There is NOTHING cuter than a newborn diaper :) It's so sad when they start outgrowing them!

    YAY for being in the home stretch now

  6. Yeah...I like the mobile the most. I'm going to knit you a diaper.

  7. hard not to notice the shift in preposition ... 'we've' been doing a lot to prepare ... and then all of the amazing stuff YOU'VE been doing.

    guess that leaves me on cleaning patrol. ;)